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Yes, we are adult women or rather seamstresses.

We design and tailor children's clothing. We choose our materials with care and also pay attention to sustainable and organic products.

We create baby and children's clothing from colorful to sugar-sweet.

It is important to us that this baby and children's clothing is not made by children, but by adult workers.

Our clothes are marketed throughout Europe and it should stay that way, only in this way can we make our contribution to the preservation of planet earth and also put a smile on the children's faces with our clothes.

Our clothing is colorful and ergonomic. The organic material ensures high wearing comfort and does not discolour.

Our clothes are intended for mothers and fathers who value sustainable baby and children's clothing because we keep what we promise!

Long-lasting, colorful and sugar-sweet! We hope you enjoy shopping and wearing it!

Greetings from Poland! <3

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